Product Development


Currently consulting assignments are undertaken in following areas:

Embedded Linux
  • Bootloader development and porting - RedBoot and U-Boot
  • Kernel customisation - x86, ARM9, ARM11, ARM Cortex Architectures
  • Device Driver development, integration and porting - USB, I2C, Flash, Ethernet, Serial, Audio, WiFi,
  • Embedded Web Server and Webpage Integration and Development - Thttpd, Boa
  • Root File System - BusyBox
  • System Integration and Testing - MadWiFi, GSM/GPRS, GPS/GIS

Desktop Linux
  • System Software
  • Application Software
  • Interfacing and Diagnostic Software

Server Grade Linux

  • Server Management - Firewall, Mail Server, Intranet, DNS, Backup Server

  • Network Management - Router, Switch, WiFi
  • Network Design and Deployment (Wired and Wireless) - SOHO, Home, Enterprise, Outdoor (PTP, PTMP)

Embedded Systems
  • Microcontroller based Embedded Product Design and Development (Hardware and Software) - 8051, ARM

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