Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weekend batch of Embedded Systems Design training starting in January 2012

I am starting a new batch for Embedded Systems Design training. It will start on January 1/8, 2012. This is going to be weekend-only batch. Classes will be held on Sundays and also on Saturdays (if feasible for the trainees).
The syllabus includes Basic and Advanced C, 8051 microcontroller, Assembly and Embedded C programming. Interfacing 8051 with LEDs, 7-segment LEDs, LCD, DC Motor, and ADC will be covered. The program ends with a mini-project that will be designed and implemented by the trainees with my guidance. Stress in the entire training would be on the trainees learning to do everything on their own, instead of running existing codes.

I have 2 trainees in the batch right now and looking for 2-3 more trainees. Those who are willing can email me - mailrupam AT gmail DOT com.

A free 8051 microcontroller development kit will be provided to each trainee.

More details can be found on my webpage,

Training content and syllabus is available -