Friday, July 5, 2013

Mini Project: ZigBee based Wireless Temperature Sensor + Data Logger

Posting after a long long time. Hopefully this time the gaps will be lesser.

I had to give a guest lecture to 3rd and final year students of EEE stream in MNM Jain Engineering College on July 3, 2013. Normally I just give a lecture and share my thoughts about Embedded Systems. This time I wanted to show them a demo of a project that evolves from a simple idea to a standalone product, or even a system. 

So I decided to take the example of Digital Thermometer based on 8051, which is a simple project for beginners to Embedded System development.

A small project on converting a simple digital thermometer into a wireless temperature sensor node. The temperature sensor is converted into a wireless node by interfacing the MCU's UART to a ZigBee node. The companion ZigBee node is connected to an ARM Cortex M3 based board's UART that receives the temperature data and sends it to the data logger (the laptop here) through another UART port

Here's the demo video of the Wireless Temperature Sensor

This is just a proof of concept. Adding more wireless nodes with additional features can convert this into a wireless network to manage a building or factory or such large areas.

Slides of my lecture on the project prototype are here:

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