Thursday, May 21, 2009

Note Zero

Welcome to Notes on Embedded System, a place to put in my thoughts on the learning and exploring of Embedded Systems.

The reason behind starting this blog is simple. Having worked on Embedded Systems for over 10 years I have gained some knowledge on how Embedded Systems should be learnt and applied. Embedded Systems is a highly practical hence until you know how to apply what you know, you will not get much far in Embedded Systems. Now that I am pursuing a career in training others on Embedded Systems, I come across questions that many of you could also be having but may not have got any good or sufficiently clear answer.

So, I will start off with some basic stuff on what knowledge and skills you need to have for learning Embedded Systems. This is very important as any building is only as good as its foundation. So I will try to build a foundation on Embedded Systems and then proceed on higher topics.

Please leave comments and queries. I will try to reply to as many as possible within my capabilities.